KING [Stephen]
- ANTHRAX: Among the Living [The lyrics of the song are based on the novel "The Stand"]
- ANTHRAX: Misery Loves Company [is about Misery]
- ANTHRAX: Skeletons in the Closet [is about Apt Pupil]
- BLIND GUARDIAN: Altair-4 [is about The Tommyknockers]
- BLIND GUARDIAN: Guardian Of The Blind [contiene riferimenti a It]
- BLIND GUARDIAN: Somewhere Far Beyond [dedicato al ciclo della Torre Nera]
- BLIND GUARDIAN: Tommyknockers [ispirato a Tommyknockers Le creature del buio]
- DEMONS & WIZARDS: Terror Train [sung from the perspective of Blaine the Mono, a character in Stephen King's The Dark Tower series, and recalls part of the plot of the books]
- DEMONS & WIZARDS: The Gunslinger [based on Stephen King's The Dark Tower series]

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